Pattaya Nightlife, Coyote Clubs, Photos of Entertaining Places in Pattaya

While ladyboys often get a bad rap in the press, most are friendly, fun loving, and welcoming if you visit their bars. There are likely to be more bars opening in the future as acceptance of the transgender community continues to grow. Coyote Bars in Pattaya are an interesting mix of coyote dancers and gogo girls.
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Today I went to a bar on the motobike and the door was closed. Unfortunately I’d say the motorbike taxis in Thailand generally aren’t very good at reading or taking directions in English. The usual way to get around by moto taxi if one needs to do so is to say the name of the Soi in Thai.
BoyzTown – The capital for gay Pattaya’s nightlife. This area at the very end of Beach Road is where most of the gay bars are located. Many of these are go-go bars, but a couple are regular bars with a nice vibe. What’s Up Agogo is located close to Walking Street. The Windmill Club has the most comfortable seating in Pattaya and a huge 72 inch screen where we show all the top sporting action, live.
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It often proves frustrating to customers who can’t tell who’s available and who isn’t. More so if they have both coyote dancers and gogo girls working at the same venue. The beer bars usually have a fun staff that is laid back easy to talk to and don’t pester you for lady drinks like the Go Go bars.
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Not only on Soi Buakhao but also on the number of streets coming off of it like, Soi Lengkee, Soi Diana, Soi Honey, and more. Soi 6, aka Soi Yodsak, is a small road that connects Beach Road to Second Road in North Pattaya. The fun times begin about 1 PM and continue on into the night. There are dozens of bars lining the street with a group of Thai Girls out front sitting and waiting for customers to come down the street. LK Metro is closed to traffic in the evening and is overtaken by the wandering party goers looking to check out the Go Go’s and beer bars. There are a few stands to get some food, Kabobs, Thai food, and the like to soak up some of the alcohol no doubt being consumed in large quantities.