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After all, there are a number of benefits that make them a more appealing option than in-person engagements. Nonprofit Tech for Good provides useful, easy-to-understand research reports and guides related to digital marketing and fundraising. Cheap Fundraising Ideas ’s also worth noting that fiscally-sponsored nonprofits can not sign up for Facebook & Instagram Fundraising Tools.
GoGetFunding is a global crowdfunding platform that hosts all kinds of fundraising campaigns. While it’s particularly popular for individual causes, GoGetFunding does allow fundraisers for startups and businesses. Part of the service even includes timed campaigns, proactive PR, and a personal fundraising coach. The following online fundraising platforms can help streamline the fundraising process, increase your nonprofit’s reach, and encourage donors to give. Plus, they offer extensive training and technical support to help your team get up and running and use your online fundraising tools to drive success. Raisin is a top online fundraising platform launched by technology and communications company A.K.A. New Media Inc. in 2006.
Salsa’s peer-to-peer fundraising software focuses on making your fundraising efforts easier on your nonprofit. Whether managing an ongoing campaign or time-sensitive fundraisers, keep 100% of your donations for what matters most with Braid Pools. This means that platforms host the fundraiser but require you to have an account with a third-party payment processor, like Stripe or PayPal, to receive payouts. Braid is a fresh new way to collect, manage, and spend donations for free. See how Braid compares to other platforms and how you can raise much-needed funds for your important cause.
However, when considering the matching funds it provides to successful campaigns, and the ability to get continued shipping and logistics help after the campaign, you may find the extra costs worth it. Backers are offered rewards, and you’ll get assistance with logistics, project execution, a supporting community, and ultimately delivering on your project. Crowd Supply stands out as it allows companies to raise funds for new and completed projects. You can choose an all-or-nothing funding method with fixed funding, or you can keep whatever money is raised with flexible funding. However, if you use flexible funding and fall short of your goal, you must still ship your rewards, even if they were based on your fundraising goal.
Whether you’re fundraising for yourself or for a charity, using a fundraising company will make it easier to track fundraising efforts and reach your goals. Nonprofits looking to raise money and spread awareness to large groups of people should look into the suite of fundraising sites available. Online fundraising platforms help nonprofits facilitate one of the most important stages of the donor cultivation process—the decision phase. This is the stage of the journey when supporters decide whether to donate to your nonprofit. Knowing they can submit a donation in seconds with the help of your online fundraising platform can make all the difference in helping donors choose to give. For large organizations that already raise more than $25,000 in matching gifts each year, Double the Donation offers 360MatchPro, a more robust solution that automates the entire process.
They charge a fee, all of which is re-invested into building innovative new tools to make giving better for everyone. Find innovative startups and growing companies to invest in, from software to hardware, film, restaurants, and more. Anyone can invest as little as $100, and no accreditation is necessary. They stand up to make a difference and work hard to make it happen. They believe that people should be empowered to turn their ideas into reality, and by unlocking funding from the crowd they can unlock a beautiful future. If all else fails you can get in touch with us, your friendly support team by the sea.