10 proven social media best practices for 2023

Paid social media can help to amplify your organic content or generate leads for your company via down-the-funnel advertising campaigns. Many social media marketers have experienced the impact of algorithms on their reach; despite tens of thousands of followers, organic posting can often appear to fall flat of expectation. Paid social advertising, or ‘sponsored’ content as it is identified in a user’s feed, can help to bolster your reach and deliver your content to a broader audience.
KLM understands that customers want to be served in the channel they are using, not directed elsewhere. Innovations include Messenger integration, and being the first airline to launch real-time flight information on Twitter and WeChat. Made.com continuously refreshes its user generated strategy, most recently launching ‘Stay Grounded’ – a campaign centred around how to make the most of being at home during the coronavirus pandemic. As well as tips and advice from the retailer on space-saving furniture, this once again involved showcasing the various homes and gardens of customers.
When it is a question of digital marketing versus social media marketing, you should remember the following differences. You can create a unique link for each of your social media platforms, or even for specific posts or campaigns. The Bitly dashboard will let you track exactly how many people click through on that link so you can see which posts and/or platforms are being most effective at driving traffic to your goal. Although much of your social media marketing strategy might focus on organic content, it’s also important to consider how paid social factors are into your plan. Discover Koster Communications: Your Trusted Social Media Marketing Agency is essential for your social media marketing strategy to work in your favor.
Reverse the first comment for supplementary content when posting on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube. Manage different brands’ social activities in their designated workspace to maintain individuality (order). “I’m able to keep track of mentions, participate in pertinent discussions, and broaden my knowledge base by following them. My content’s performance is also monitored through the use of analytics.”
However, certain aspects will help choose one or both in a way that makes marketing more efficient and fruitful. When used correctly, paid social media advertisements may be a very profitable investment. To guarantee a decent return on investment, spend on customizable high-quality campaigns. Take the data seriously and use it to assess and quantify things like brand recognition, the effectiveness of the initiatives, and more. Social media management software solutions are required to monitor a brand’s social media performance. To monitor and remain ahead of market mood and trends, these technologies track customer reactions and more.
Marketing departments need to engage other departments and stakeholders within an organization. Marketing can learn a lot from sales to inform future social campaigns, but sales can also benefit from marketing’s reach. Sales and marketing alignment is great, but senior stakeholder support is also a necessity.
It was the year before this that the brand had announced the launch of its now iconic ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’, a move that spurred on the trend of brands deliberately creating ‘Instagrammable’ food and drink. This focus on experimental video, alongside subtle branding and clever partnerships, have become the hallmarks of its super successful social strategy. Red Bull is perhaps most famous for its world record ‘Space Jump’ with Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner way back in 2012, with the event drawing over 2.6 million social media mentions on the day. Red Bull has continued to draw in even bigger views since; its ‘Last Call for Mr. Paul’ video now totals over 134m views.
Secondly, by enabling and encouraging sharing on social media, Spotify amplified the campaign’s reach. Once you went through all the data analysis, Spotify suggested you share these highlights on social media, specifically Twitter and Insta Stories, and tag your favorite artist of the year. Photographers were then invited to share their images on Instagram and other social media sites using the hashtag #ShotOniPhone. Dove spoke directly to the feelings of its target audience, engaging with them about the brand’s value and encouraging them to take pride in being themselves.